Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dalhousie University GIS Prof seeks solution to student ignorance of geography

A cool story on a popular topic that rears its head every year or so, students and their lack of geographic skills and understanding of the Earth. Imagine a group of Canadian University students not being able to locate the Atlantic Ocean on a map! Indeed, this is the state of geographic literacy in many countries? From the article, this comment by James Boxall (@GISjames) of Dalhousie U, ?I actually do [a quiz] with my first-year students every year, I just haven?t publicized it, and it?s the same results? -see more in the article on CBC

Let us all remember the hilarious yet sad response from Miss Teen S. Carolina a few years back!

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Source: http://blog.gisuser.com/2013/08/12/dalhousie-university-gis-prof-seeks-solution-to-student-ignorance-of-geography/

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